PRELIMS: Publishers Resolution for Ethical International Manufacturing Standards

PRELIMS is a collaboration of leading UK and US publishers who have been working together since 2003 to develop a common process to assess labour and environmental standards in the facilities that produce our products.

In 2010 we developed the PRELIMS Code of Conduct which sets out the standards we expect in the sites producing our product, wherever they may be located. Any printer to one or more of the publishers may be asked to undertake an audit against this Code of Conduct. The printer can then choose to share the results with as many of the publishers as they wish, thereby avoiding having to undertake more than one audit.

Publishers involved in PRELIMS may also recognise other audits against comparable codes. Comparable codes and audit processes include the audits carried out under the ICTI Care Process, and SMETA audits against the ETI Base Code.

We wish to promote an environment of continuous improvement in their supply chain. Therefore, we are committed to working with one another and our printers to improve standards in our collective supply chains over time.